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    The structure of the Jimmy Awards®/National High School Musical Theatre Awards® is such that a Broadway League member in any local market can host a local awards ceremony. Broadway League members are those who present Broadway and Touring Broadway productions across the country. Once confirmed as an official Regional Awards Program (RAP), the Best Actor and Best Actress winners from each RAP are then invited to compete at the Jimmy Awards in New York City.

    Get a list of currently participating Regional Award Programs.

    High School Students

    Students cannot audition directly for the Jimmy Awards.

    In order to be a Nominee at the Jimmy Awards, students must first win their Regional Awards Program (RAP) competition. In compliance with the Rules and Regulations of the National High School Musical Theatre Awards, each RAP awards one Best Actor and one Best Actress based on his/her performance of a Qualifying Role in an Approved Musical in a full-length high school production that took place during the school year. These two winners are then invited to compete at the Jimmy Awards.

    If your high school does not currently participate in a Regional Awards Program, please see instructions below for high school teachers regarding involvement in the Jimmy Awards.

    High School Teachers/Administrators

    If there is a Regional Awards Program in your area, your high school must participate in the program in order for any of your students to be eligible for the Jimmy Awards. Please contact the Regional Awards Program closest to you for more information.

    If there is not a Regional Awards Program in your area, please reach out to the nearest Broadway League member organization that presents national touring Broadway productions to determine if they are interested in developing a local awards competition.

    Each high school may only participate in one Regional Awards Program.


    Due to the ongoing high volume of inquires received, the Jimmy Awards are unable to respond to individual participation requests from parents of interested students. Please reach out to your local Regional Award Program or your high school’s teacher/administrators for more information regarding the nomination process.

    League Members

    If you are a Broadway League Member interested in developing a Regional Awards Program to participate in the Jimmy Awards, please contact [email protected] for more information.

    All additional participation inquiries should be sent to [email protected]. No phone calls please.