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    Rules and Regulations

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    2023 Rules & Regulations

    Each Regional Awards Program (RAP) must adhere to the following Rules & Regulations in order to participate in the 2023 Jimmy Awards® / National High School Musical Theatre Awards® (NHSMTA®).


    • The RAP is sponsored by a legitimate professional theatre/company that is a member in good standing of The Broadway League.
    • The sponsoring legitimate professional theatre/company that is a member of The Broadway League has sponsored only one (1) RAP this year (unless an exception is approved by the NHSMTA Advisory Board).
    • The Jimmy Awards encourages diversity regionally whenever possible, including connecting to schools that may not have the budget to produce full-length musicals. We also encourage RAPs to select adjudicators, presenters, and guest performers from BIPOC and historically excluded communities. For additional resources, please see the below section titled “RECOMMENDATIONS TO INCREASE INCLUSION AMONGST REGIONAL PARTICIPANTS.”
    • Every participating program must pay the participation fee in full; the payment must be made by the League member sponsoring organization.
    • New Regional Awards Programs may send Nominees to New York in the first year of their program, if they so choose.
    • In addition to the non-refundable participation fee, the RAP is responsible for funding round-trip travel to New York City for its two Nominees. NHSMTA will arrange and pay for Nominees’ expenses in New York City including housing, meals, and other expenses necessary to the program.

    Nominee Selection Process

    • The RAP is expected to adjudicate student performances through a full-scale Awards Program Model based on a Tony Awards® model (for reference please refer to similar programs such as Gene Kelly Awards, The Blumey Awards, or the Iowa High School Musical Theater Awards).
      • The RAP sends qualified judges to review high school musical theatre productions presented by individual schools during the 2022-23 school year. All aspects of shows, such as acting, choreography, and design, etc. are judged on performance and production quality.
      • All Regional Awards Programs must present awards at a full-scale public event in which nominees perform/participate in solo and group musical numbers for a live in-person audience of no less than 100 attendees (not including participants). While new Regional Awards Programs may choose to present a smaller culminating event for their first year, they are required to present a full-scale public event by the second full year of participation in the Jimmy Awards/National High School Musical Theatre Awards.
      • At this event, RAPs must select two (2) nominees to participate in the Jimmy Awards. One student is announced as the Jimmy Awards Best Actress Nominee, and one student is announced as the Jimmy Awards Best Actor Nominee.
      • Nominees for Best Performance by an Actor and Best Performance by an Actress are each chosen based on their performance of a Qualifying Role in an Approved Musical in a full-length high school production that took place during the 2022-23 school year.
      • For the purpose of NHSMTA, qualifying roles will be defined per the list found here . Approved RAP(s) can appeal roles and musicals for inclusion that may not be on the current list. School editions/versions of musicals are permitted; “junior” versions are not. Junior versions are usually referred to as: G2K (Getting to Know Series), Young @ Part, Middle School Editions (from 101 School Editions), Broadway Jr., and Young Performers. Concert versions are not permitted.
      • All nominees must meet any additional criteria and comply with all regulations and designated by the individual Regional Awards Program’s policies for the 2022-2023 season in order to be eligible as a Jimmy Awards Nominee.
    • Regional Awards Programs must be able to provide the following information for their two participating Nominees not later than two (2) weeks prior to the start date of the NHSMTA week in NYC, regardless of culminating program event/ceremony date:
      • Name (first and last)
      • High School
      • Qualifying Show and Role
      • Color Headshot
      • Audition Video(s)
    • Regional Awards Programs must ensure that their two participating Nominees have been announced to the public no later than one (1) week prior to the start date of the NHSMTA week in NYC.

    Nominee Requirements

    • A Jimmy Awards Nominee must be a current high school student, grades 9 through 12.
    • A Nominee’s high school has participated in one (1) RAP only.
    • A Nominee has participated in one (1) RAP only.
    • Nominees must be conflict free and available for all days during the NHSMTA week, tentatively scheduled for Sunday, June 18 – Tuesday, June 27, 2023.
    • Nominees are required to travel to New York City to participate in a rigorous week that will include individual coaching and group rehearsals for the JimmyAwards ceremony.
    • Nominees understand and agree to all possible videotaping, televised opportunities, photos, press interviews, and print advertising (Waivers are provided in the Participant Information Packet).
    • Once a Nominee has won the Jimmy Award for Best Performance by an Actor or Best Performance by an Actress, they may not return in subsequent years to participate as a Nominee at the Jimmy Awards in New York City.
    • Covid safety protocols for the 2023 Jimmy Awards, which may include vaccination requirements, will be announced at a later date.

    Documentation and Materials

    • Once accepted to participate in the NHSMTA Program, the RAP is required to submit the following necessary documentation in digital form. Please note that all material requirements are subject to change. Specific guidelines and upload instructions will be provided in the Participation Packet. All documentation is to be submitted to NHSMTA by the RAP, not by Nominees:
      • A list of all participating high schools in your program and the high school’s participating musical
      • Each high school musical director’s name, mailing address, email address, and phone number
      • The name of another primary contact at the high school, including phone number, email, and mailing address
      • RAP logo
      • RAP ceremony score sheet
      • Three digital images from RAP’s 2023 ceremony
      • RAP Selection Form for Chaperone/Travel Companion
      • Chaperone Personal Release/Waiver Form/Medical Information, if applicable
      • Nominee Release/Waiver Forms and Parental Release Form
      • Nominee Medical Information Form
      • Nominee color headshots (current)
      • Nominee resumes formatted to NHSMTA-provided template
      • Nominee one-page essays
      • Nominee bios
      • Three productions photos demonstrating both Nominees’ performances were from a 2022–23 school year Qualifying Role in an Approved Musical in a full-length high school production
      • A video submission featuring each Nominee’s topic response
      • Nominee audition video(s)
      • Nominee music submissions

    Recommendations to Increase Inclusion Amongst Regional Participants

    • Create and publish a program Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility statement.
    • Actively recruit a panel or group of program adjudicators, teaching artists, and coaches to include diversity of race, gender expression, age, disability status, and cultural background.
    • Communicate and be transparent about gender inclusivity practices.
    • Offer professional development sessions for teachers/show directors that includes a focus on show selection and appropriate casting to ensure that productions reflect the racial makeup of the school/community.
    • Offer anti-racism and/or anti-bias training for adjudicators, teaching artists, coaches, and program/venue staff.
    • Consider participation opportunities for students who attend schools that do not currently produce musical productions or who do not meet Jimmy Awards/NHSMTA eligibility requirements.
    • Offer scholarships, waivers, or reductions for school participation fees.
    • Utilize virtual opportunities/programming to reach students and schools that may not be able to participate in-person.
    • Include more expansive award categories in addition to performance.
    • For additional resources, please see The Broadway League’s EDI Guide available in the Members' Only section of broadwayleague.com.