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    Student Reporter Search

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    Each year, the Jimmy Awards invites select Student Reporters from participating Regional Awards Programs to cover Jimmy Awards events through social media. The Student Reporter opportunity has been added to the program as an effort to include students who are not eligible to be nominated as performers. This provides a chance to expand connections into local schools’ journalism, film, and other related departments. Student Reporters work directly with the Jimmy Awards Digital team which allows them to receive an insider look at the digital marketing strategy of Jimmy Awards coverage while gaining insight into the field as a whole. 

    2023 Call for Submissions

    The Jimmy Awards seeks two Student Reporters from around the country to travel to New York and cover the Jimmy Awards on Monday, June 26, 2023 on social media on both the official Jimmy Awards channels and the student reporters' personal channels. Applicants must be submitted by a participating Regional Awards Program (RAP) with a maximum of two submissions per RAP. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a National High School Musical Theatre Awards RAP participating high school. Applicants must not be students who are competing to participate as a nominee in the Jimmy Awards.

    Round-trip airfare, overnight lodging for Saturday, June 24; Sunday, June 25; and Monday, June 26; lunch and dinner on Monday, June 26; and seats at the ceremony will be provided by The Jimmy Awards for the two selected student reporters plus one chaperone each.

    Applicants should create a video up to 60 seconds in length showing or describing how they would uniquely cover The Jimmy Awards on social media, focusing on promoting the live stream of the Jimmy Awards ceremony. The video should include at least one unedited segment of at least 20 seconds in length with the applicant speaking directly to camera. The videos must not include any performance footage; the content of the videos is otherwise up to the applicant. Any pre-recorded music used must be royalty-free.

    We want to see your personality shine in this video! Show us how you would use your unique perspective to build interest in and awareness of the Jimmy Awards. This is an opportunity to showcase your skills in event coverage, visual storytelling, video editing, and social media. 

    Applicant videos are due to The Jimmy Awards by 5pm ET on Monday, April 17. The two students will be selected and notified on or around June 1.

    If you are a student interested in applying, please contact your nearest Regional Awards Program. Further details are provided below.

    Process of Choosing Jimmy Awards Reporters

    There are two rounds in the Jimmy Awards Student Reporter Search. There is no cost to enter the Jimmy Awards Student Reporter Search and no purchase necessary to enter either round. There will be a maximum of ninety-four (94) applicants. Up to ten (10) candidates will be chosen based on the quality of their submission to move on to the second round, and two (2) will ultimately be chosen as Jimmy Awards Student Reporters based on qualitative assessments and quantitative metrics explained further below.

    In the first round of the Jimmy Awards Student Reporter Search, a panel of 3-5 individuals (the “Submissions Board”) from the Jimmy Awards will review every application video and choose up to ten (10) to upload on the Jimmy Awards’ Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube channel, TikTok account, and/or similar online social media platform. The Jimmy Awards will choose the up to ten (10) videos based on the skills of the creator, which will include assessing the content of the submission and the reach and engagement of the video. The skill will be assessed by the panel by reviewing the applicant’s poise, professionalism and camera presence, and other similar criteria. The Submissions Board has the absolute discretion to determine who will move on to the second round. The Submissions Board’s determination will not be subject to review. Applicants chosen to move on to the second round will be informed on or about May 5.

    The selected videos will be uploaded to the Jimmy Awards’ platform page(s) on or around May 8. They will remain up for consideration until May 31, though may continue to be accessible on the Jimmy Awards’ platform pages after that date and may remain accessible indefinitely. At the end of that time, the Submissions Board has absolute discretion to determine who will be chosen as the two (2) Jimmy Awards Student Reporters. The Submissions Board will base their determination on the applicant’s poise, professionalism, and camera presence. In addition, the Submissions Board will review video analytics, which includes, but is not limited to: the number of unique users who saw the applicants’ page, the number of times the applicants’ page was seen as a total count, the number of impressions of the applicant’s post in a News Feed, the number of unique users who clicked anywhere in the applicant’s post, the total number of clicks in the applicant’s post, both the total count and number of unique users who have given negative feedback to the applicant’s post, both the total count and number of unique users who have liked the applicant’s Page, the number of people who clicked on the post because they liked the applicant’s post, the number of people who liked the applicant’s page and clicked on the applicant’s post, both the total count and number of unique users who watched 95% of the applicant’s video (excluding paid promotion), both the total count and unique users who watched the video for 3 seconds (excluding paid promotion), and the length of the video. 

    The two applicants determined by the Submissions Board to have the best poise, professionalism, and camera presence, taking into account all metrics from social media video analytics, will be chosen as the two (2) Jimmy Awards Student Reporters. The Submission Board’s determination will not be subject to review. Student Reporters will be notified on or around June 1.

    Student Reporters will be required to sign a Code of Conduct and media release.

    The estimated retail value of each prize is: $3,200

    Void where prohibited.