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    What is The National High School Musical Theatre Awards®?
    The National High School Musical Theatre Awards (NHSMTA®) program is a national celebration of outstanding student achievement recognizing individual artistry in vocal, dance, and acting performance. The program aims to create a pathway connecting promising young performers to the professional theatre industry. The program is the year-end culmination of awards programs across the country presented by dozens of professional theatre organizations. Finalists in New York were named Best Actress or Best Actor at a regional competition, representing approximately 1,800 schools. While in New York City, participants experience a week of private coaching, master classes, and rehearsals with theatre professionals. Their week’s journey concludes with a panel of industry experts selecting exceptional students for The Jimmy® for Best Performance by an Actress and Actor. Students receive opportunities for merit scholarships, professional advancement, and other prizes.

    What year did NHSMTA start?
    The National High School Musical Theatre Awards program was established in 2009.

    Who founded NHSMTA?
    Pittsburgh CLO and Nederlander Alliances, LLC founded NHSMTA. Pittsburgh CLO is one of the country’s leading not-for-profit producers of musical theatre. The organization’s educational efforts include its Gene Kelly Awards which is one of the oldest high school musical programs in the country. The Gene Kelly Awards competition involves dozens of high schools and is the prototype for other programs like it in the U.S. Pittsburgh CLO wanted to use the “playbook” of its own successful regional competition to create a national program involving theatre organizations across the country. Nederlander Alliances, LLC was looking for an educational program to honor the legacy of legendary theatre owner producer James M. Nederlander. These two industry leaders united in a common mission to nurture future artists and audiences.

    Who is the Jimmy® named for?
    The Jimmy® is named for legendary Broadway theatre owner and producer James M. Nederlander, or “Jimmy” as he is known on Broadway. Until his death in 2016, Mr. Nederlander was the Chairman of the Nederlander Producing Company of America Inc., the owner/operator of a vast chain of theatres, including nine Broadway houses, and a producer of distinguished entertainment for more than 70 years. The Nederlander Producing Company also presents Broadway shows in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Jose, Tucson, Durham, and London. The Broadway League presented Jimmy with the Schoenfeld Vision for Arts Education Award in 2010 for establishing The National High School Musical Theatre Awards.

    Where is NHSMTA held?
    The event takes place in New York City in a Broadway theatre in late June. Students are housed and attend classes and rehearsals on the campus of New York University. 

    Why is NHSMTA held in NYC?
    Because “Broadway” is the heart of the theatre industry in the United States, and due to the vast resources available there, New York became the logical host city.

    How many regional competitions participate in NHSMTA?
    Over 40 programs participate in NHSMTA.

    How do High School Awards programs qualify to participate in NHSMTA?
    Participating Awards Programs are required to be sponsored by a member of The Broadway League. Each Participating Awards Program nominates two student representatives to compete at at the “Nationals” in New York.

    How many students are participating in NHSMTA?
    An average of 90 students participate in the program in New York. These students were the Best Actress and Best Actor winners of their local competitions.

    Approximately how many high schools are represented?
    We estimate that more than 140,000 students at 1,800 high schools are represented by participating programs each year.

    How did NYU become involved in NHSMTA?
    NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts has one of the most prestigious theatre programs in the country. The university shares NHSMTA founders’ mission to nurture future artists who want to prepare for a life in the theatre. Because the NHSMTA program is based in New York, NYU became an obvious choice as a partner.

    What is NYU’s New Studio on Broadway: Music Theatre and Acting?
    This program is a professional theatre-training studio offered to undergraduate students at NYU Tisch School of the Arts’ Department of Drama. New Studio work captures the present moment, drawing its energy from popular culture and the infinite possibilities of diverse global performance and art forms. Integrating rigorous training in acting, speech, singing, physical acting (movement), and dance and taking place in a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility, the New Studio’s four-year program reaches beyond a single methodology to offer young actors instruction in all the disciplines essential to the performer’s craft. It equally engages the American musical, the classical acting canon, and new contemporary plays and musicals, preparing students for opportunities to perform in traditional Broadway musical productions as well as in emerging plays, music, and performance forms.

    What scholarships are given out at the Jimmy Awards?
    Prizes and scholarships vary by year.

    Get more information on scholarships.

    What is the correct way to refer to NHSMTA?
    The program is referred to as "The National High School Musical Theatre Awards." The awards ceremony is called the Jimmy Awards. "The National High School Musical Theatre Awards" is the incorporated name of the program.

    Who is the spokesperson for NHSMTA?
    All press inquiries should be directed to Martine Sainvil.

    How do I make a donation to NHSMTA?
    You can donate online via QGiv, or please contact Rachel Reiner at jimmyawards@broadway.org.

    Who do I contact if I’d like to participate?
    Please see our Participation Guidelines and email jimmyawards@broadway.org with further questions.

    What is the mailing address and contact information of NHSMTA?
    NHSMTA c/o The Broadway League Foundation
    729 Seventh Avenue, 5th Floor
    New York, NY 10019
    Phone: 212-764-1122
    General inquiries: jimmyawards@broadway.org